Welcome On-board Bill Madden as Vice President Sales

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  • December 23, 2022
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Welcome to the team Thoughtwave as Vice President Sales!
You’re part of the team now, Warmest of welcomes, Bill Madden!
You bring a unique perspective to our team that can help us reach new heights.
A great big warm WELCOME!!!

Background highlights:
* Multifaceted producing leader and innovative executive.
* Strong analytic strategy, budgeting, and developing cost reduction initiatives.
* Recognized for the ability to translate corporate vision and mission into division-level initiatives to meet and exceed project and organizational targets, maximizing asset utilization.
* Results-oriented top producing manager through overseeing revenue generation, mentorship, and exemplary leadership efforts.
* Managing a team with offshoring capabilities across North America and India. Excelled in delivering standard deliverables and offered extensive support to clients in facilitating an H.R. software system for executing multiple functions encompassing payroll, benefits, expense reporting, and time tracking.
Notable Achievements:
* Expert industry knowledge and Trusted Advisor to all clients.
* Increased annual revenue from $50M to $72M and billing operations through the efficient management of the book of business consisting while offering consultative sales services.
* Executed a Solution program with a hybrid model of domestic and overseas capabilities by reducing costs and increasing productivity to support clients during COVID-19 pandemic.
* Signed multiple large enterprise VMS/MSP Master Service Agreements and assigned them to the two most deserving Account Directors.
* Maintained high level non-VMS/MSP relationships for high visibility, and high influence transactions.

Checkout his LinkedIn profile.

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