SEO trends you need to know in 2019

SEO trends
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  • December 12, 2018
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The year 2018 has been wonderful year for Search Engine Optimization. We have witnessed many algorithm updates and changes in SERPs, GDPR implementation and Artificial Intelligence advancement. Search engines are becoming more intelligent than before. Google is now answering more queries directly on the results pages. The number of voice-activated search queries is increasing. Below are the SEO trends you need to know in 2019.

1. Featured Snippets: If you look at the SERPs (search engine result pages) today, you notice they have received a lot of competition

5 Ways to Optimize a Website for Voice Search

Voice Search

As we know Voice Search is one of the SEO trends in 2018, it is becoming more popular year by year and it is predicted that it would reach 50% of search by 2019. Checkout our post on 6 SEO Trends in 2018 for more details.   Here are the six ways to Optimize your website for Voice Search to get more traffic and potential customers.

Voice Search is a more natural approach to communicate with a search engine, as users will probably use full sentences and questions as voice commands. Google and Bing keep on adapting their…

6 SEO Trends to Help Businesses grow ahead in 2018

6 SEO Trends for google

The year 2018 is good year for Small and Medium businesses to grow their rankings and online presence. Already the year 2018 is in full swing and making the year more interesting.

Although the rules of SEO game change often and seeking the first position in the Search Engine Result Pages(SERPs) are no longer our ultimate goal. Here we present the six SEO trends to help your business boosting their sales and online presence…