About Us

About Us

Thoughtwave Software and Solutions Inc. which is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. Being In business since 2003 and steady year over year growth. We have branches in USA (Aurora, Springdale, Austin) and India (Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam)

We as a company have a group of people who are experienced, intelligent, self motivated and willing to go to any lengths to satisfy the clients not only with delivering quality services on time but in most cases even less than the budget. The advantage of buying a consulting service from us may include a single person or group of people to make that engagement a success. We give individual attention to every client but not based on the size of the contract/size of the organization we are dealing with.

Our Motto

Our company’s motto is based on a simple principle of providing our clients with better Customer satisfaction through our superior services and quality. We will find you the right technical talent at the right time and that’s the main challenge faced by IT administrators today. Thoughtwave was founded by a group of managers and executives from leading international corporations, we have partners and people who are consulting for the past 15 to 20 years and worked on different cycles of software development cycle. Thoughtwave is a IT Staffing,& Web Solutions Provider [CRM, CMS, Ecommerce, Email Marketing, Search Solution, Collaboration Systems] that offers a wide array of solutions for a range of key verticals like Retail, Wholesale, Healthcare, Legal & Accounting Firms with less than 50 million Revenue. Starting from the strategy consulting right through to implementing IT solutions for clients. Our focus is Small & Medium size companies. Based on years of experience implementing High end solutions to fortune 500 companies, we have developed a strategy based on Open source solutions that will fulfill 90% or more functionality of high end solutions for a fraction of the cost especially in Content Management Systems (Internal & extra-net web sites), Customer Relationship Management Applications, Ecommerce Applications, Email Marketing Applications, Search Solutions, Collaboration Systems.

Our Working Model

At Thoughtwave, freedom inspires ideas and the working environment nurtures excellence. The knowledge of one becomes the knowledge of all, shared on a common platform. By providing unlimited access to the latest in technology, Thoughtwave helps its people stay at the leading edge of software engineering skills. Since our employees are the primary contact point between our company and customers, we realize that employee satisfaction is the key to deliver customer satisfaction.

We engineer meaningful technology solutions to help businesses and societies flourish. Some believe in the power of numbers. Some believe in the power of technology. We believe in the power of people. And the impact people can have on technology. Our roots grew from this belief that people with diverse points of view could come together to build a different kind of technology company. One that puts people who work with us, first. And this belief drives our vision for tomorrow to build technology experts who are focused on one goal: helping our clients succeed.

Today, a wealth of information is opening up a world of possibilities. Realizing those possibilities takes more than numbers. It takes more than technology. It takes people. People who can turn the potential of information into meaningful solutions. Solutions that simplify businesses. Improve governments. Propel societies forward.


TWSS believes in developing true partnerships. We foster a friendly environment where individual perspectives are respected and honest dialogue is expected.


TWSS is driven to meet client needs with determination and grit. We embrace tough challenges and do not rest until the problem is solved, the right way.


TWSS brings robust skills and forward looking perspectives to solve customer challenges. We provide expert guidance to our customers.

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Our Skills

Web Design 90%
CMS 60%
Web Development 75%