Top 5 programming Languages in 2019

Top 5 programming Languages
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The below are the top 5 programming languages in 2019. We prepared the list based on the number of jobs available after taking the course, popularity of the programming languages, number of pull requests made on Github. We analyzed the above factors and made the list that would be helpful for making decision on which language to learn in the year 2019.

1. C#:

C# is an object-oriented programming language from Microsoft designed to run on Microsoft’s .NET platform. C# is an easy language to master and build projects in lesser time. With C# you can develop Android and iOS application. You can also develop Linux and Mac apps as well. C# is used in video game development.

2. PHP:

PHP is most used language in web development. It is not a dying Language. PHP is most popular programming language to build web applications. It is server side language, most used for back-end stuff of a website. Secondly WordPress, the internet giant, is built on PHP. If you know PHP, you can able to develop themes and plugins in WordPress. Also the top used content management systems (Magneto, Joomla, Drupal, OpenCart) are built on PHP.

3. Java:

Java is over 21 years old, used by millions of developers and billions of devices worldwide. It is able to run on any hardware and operating system through the Java Virtual Machine. Java of course a vast programming language, many companies use Java for their projects. Android development through Java is pretty much easy and many developers are building apps using Java. Spring is the popular framework of Java that used to develop web applications securely.

4. JavaScript:

JavaScript is most popular and widely used in front end web development for any dynamic logic on the web pages. It is regarded as the grandfather of all programming languages. JavaScript is used by both front-end and back-end engineers to develop websites. Several front-end frameworks of JavaScript such as Angular and React and have huge future potential as IoT.

5. Python:

Python is getting more popular and is the programming language definitely to learn in 2019. It is a general-purpose programming language used for web development and as a support language for software developers. It’s also widely used in scientific computing, data mining and machine learning. The continued growth and demand for machine learning developers may be driving the popularity of Python. The Django frame work of Python let you create scalable web applications. Python is one of the most used programming language whenever the term comes Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning or Data Science.

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