Popular Web Development Technologies in 2018

Popular Web Development Technologies
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The following are the most Famous/Popular Web Development Technologies in 2018 that are being wide used for Front-End and Back-End Development.

Front End Web Development

HTML and CSS: HTML, CSS are the building blocks for web development. Their Frameworks like Bootstrap and Materialize are most widely used in web development. Twitter Bootstrap is popular for its Responsive design and Flexbox and CSS Grid System are also trending topics in CSS, and they are used without any framework to develop responsive websites.

Another trending development technology is Motion UI. It keeps simplicity to a site. Since a large number of web users, today got tired of GLFs and flashing advertisements. Web developers are using its animations that will allow adding styling and make your site unique among thousands of others with static UI

JavaScript and its Front-End Frameworks like Angular and React and Vue.js are currently most trending frameworks that need to be used in your project.

CSS Frameworks like SASS or LESS. SASS is preferable and widely used than LESS.

Image Editing- Photoshop, GIMP.

Back End Web Development

Server-Side Languages/Technologies: Node JS, Python and PHP are the more widely used languages for Web Development in 2018. The other languages used in web development are Ruby, C# & ASP.NET

Database:  MongoDB is currently popular, with its non-relational database, MySQL is popular relational database. Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Firebase are other database systems used in web development.

Back-End Frameworks: Express is the popular frame work for JavaScript. Adonis and Hapi.js are also best frameworks in JavaScript. Frameworks for PHP like Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symphony and Yii2 are popular. For Python- Django, Flask, Web2py are widely used frameworks, and for Ruby – Ruby on rails, and for C# – .NET are best frameworks used.

For Mobile Applications, React Native, NativeScript, Ionic, PhoneGap are the leading frameworks

Other Popular Technologies

Git: Git is used for version control of your Source Code/ Project. It is widely used technology. Other than Git, SVN – Subversion is also a popular version control system that can be used.

Command Line Interfaces: If you are using the Front-End Frames works like Angular and React, you need to learn the Command Line Interface to manage the folders, create files and services. NPM (Node Package Manager) is a Package Manager for JavaScript and its Frameworks and it uses CLI to manage the files.

HTTPS: Website security will remain a front burner.  Using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) protocols we can secure our data through Transfer Layer Secure (TLS) and we can have following benefits

  • Transferred data would be encrypted
  • Data cannot be modified or corrupted with detection when being transferred
  • Data can be authenticated to prove users are using the intended website.

HTTPS gives the upper hand in terms of security & Google SEO ranking when compared to HTTP. In the next coming years, HTTPS is going to dominate because Google prefers the websites which are more secure.

API: REST API, JavaScript Fetch API and Angular’s HTTP are the API’s that need to be learn

Deployment Tools-  FTP Client like FileZilla and WinSCP; SSH Tools like Putty and Bitvise SSH Client are most deployment tools used.

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