Importance of Angular in Front End Web Development

Importance of Angular
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  • November 19, 2018
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Angular is the most preferred framework for building reactive single page web applications and creative components of the website. As it is the most used Framework of JavaScript, it was designed as a full-featured framework to enhance simplicity and efficiency. Importance of Angular in Front End Web Development is given below

Developers find Angular very effective in terms of creating dynamic, single page application, and supporting MVC(Model-View-Controller) programming structure. At a present span of time, in the competitive business environment, Angular has emerged as the superhero due to its intuitiveness and rich features.

AngularJS provides some amazing capabilities out of the box, and can convert your non-trivial jQuery based apps into something more powerful and yet more simple to maintain. Some frameworks simply bundle together the existing tools which make app development very difficult. However, Angular was carefully engineered to ensure that every tool works optimally and delivers great results.

Why use Angular for Web Application Projects:

  • Time-Saving: Projects that previously used to take many months with other frameworks can now be completed faster with Angular. All that Angular framework requires is splitting the app into several MVC components. From there, the framework takes over because you do not require additional coding.
  • Easy to learn and get started:                                                             Angular is easy front end language and its components structure is the simple way to learn and get started. Simply include some attributes in the HTML, and you can complete the first app in a couple of minutes.

  • Binding data is made easy: It is very difficult with most frameworks, that stress has been eliminated in Angular using Data Binding Concept. With two-way Data Binding in Angular, the data is automatically synchronized between the model and view components.
  • Dependency injection: It is a software design pattern that deals with how components get hold of their dependencies. The Angular injector subsystem is in charge of creating components, resolving their dependencies, and providing them to other components as requested.

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