Best Frameworks for building Hybrid Mobile Application Development

building Hybrid Mobile Apps
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With the advancement of many web development technologies, building mobile applications made easier. You can able to develop both web and mobile applications for android and iOS at the same time The below are the best frameworks for building hybrid mobile apps.

React Native

React native is the best framework for building hybrid mobile apps. It empowers engineers to build cross platform applications.  There is a tremendous network of community to help you on the problems you struck with. In fact, React Native has higher learning curve, beginners will face a bit problem to dive in the concepts, developer’s community will help them chase the problems they face


Ionic is suitable for building hybrid native applications. Ionic is most used framework for making hybrid apps. To build complex projects, Ionic is used with Angular. It has got more popularity due to its bulk availability of features, predefined components and obviously, a vast network of engineers who are constantly prepared to guide you.

Onsen UI

Onsen UI is an open-source framework, generally new, but it is a good competitor to Ionic and React Native. It has many ready to use components. Engineers can develop applications in HTML5 and JavaScript and consolidate the same with PhoneGap / Cordova to build large applications. It is free, simple to-learn, and has semantic markup components for developers to get the advantages.


Phonegap empowers designers to utilize a same code for mobile and web applications. You can develop mobile apps with stuff you know with web design and development. Understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is sufficient to begin with PhoneGap applications. You can build great applications using this framework.

Framework 7

Like Onsen UI, knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript can help you to build hybrid mobile applications. This framework comes with no external dependencies. Applications developed with this framework are dynamic and look same as native applications. It comes with features like native scrolling, caching, browser history and preloading, multiple views support etc

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