5 Outdated SEO Practices That Can Hurt Your Site Ranking

5 Outdated SEO Practices that can hurt your site
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  • October 26, 2020
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We all know that SEO is a vital component for getting found in search and for driving traffic to web pages. However, the old practices from years past that were effective then are not effective now, and may even hurt your website ranking position. Things like keyword stuffing and thin content can turn off visitors and get your site banned by Google. In an age where technology and the Internet make it possible to run a business completely online, it makes good financial sense to find out what works and what doesn’t to get and keep potential customers coming to your website.

Apex Systems recognized Thoughtwave as the Top 5 Supplier in Client Submittals for the month of July 2019

Apex Systems recognized Thoughtwave as the Top 5 Supplier

We have Done it Again We at Thoughtwave Software and Solutions Provide Excellent Staffing Solutions to our Clients across USA and Canada and here is reflection of another feather in our Success Cap of Excellence!!!!!! Cheers to all the TWSS Family members on this Mile […]

Thoughtwave software and solutions Hosting Techwave Event

Thoughtwave Software and Solutions host a Techwave event

Thoughtwave Software and Solutions was one of the host for the Techwave event at Bureau Gravity on July 31st.It was an amazing technology wave that was spread by Mayor Richard_C_Irvin and Michael_Pegues . We’re Glad to support the technology community and create an echo system for technology across.

Appreciate to host committee members Nelson Santos, Jimi Allen, Harish Naidu, Rahul Bhardwaj, Steve Braverman, Jay Punukollu and Ramesh Thumu.

Team Thought Wave : Ramesh Thumu SaiRatnakar Karumuri (RK) Vishal Bhatia Madhu Kotamarthi

Top Performers for the Third Week of July, Thanks to the Team

Top Performers for the Third Week of July

Kudos to the team Thoughtwave for July Third Week Top Performers. Our Team helped 4 clients for the week with their staffing needs (1 full time and 3 contract). Thoughtwave Software and Solutions ( helps clients with it projects and staffing (c2c, cth, c2c) needs, RPO Services and HRPO Services. For additional information please visit our website or request more information via on how we can help you. #milestone
#theteam #solutions #allthebest

Apex Systems recognized Thoughtwave as the 2nd most top supplier for the month of June 2019

Thoughtwave as the 2nd most top supplier

Thanks Apex Systems for recognizing Thoughtwave Software and Solutions as the 2nd most top supplier for the month of June 2019. Appreciate and congratulate our Thoughtwave team to achieve this goal. @Chaitanya Pathivada VINAY KUMAR V SaiRatnakar Karumuri (RK) Vishal Bhatia Chris Jones Vedachalam Inala Harish Inkollu Harish Mummareddy Madhu Kotamarthi @Sowjanya Tangellamudi #apexsystems #june2019 #goal #thanks #achieve #top #appreciate

Thoughtwave Team in google summit on July 16 and 17th at Navy Pier, Chicago

Thoughtwave Team in google summit

Thoughtwave Software and Solutions Inc ( a google technology partner, reseller and service partner of Google cloud platform team participated in google summit on July 16 and 17th at Navy Pier, Chicago, IL, USA. Good participation and relationships established and best practices shared. Looking forward to more events like this in future. Appreciate the keynote speakers, sponsors and attendees to make this a success. If you are looking for help with GCP technology services, G-Suite or GCP, talk to us via

Best Frameworks for building Hybrid Mobile Application Development

building Hybrid Mobile Apps
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  • January 21, 2019
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With the advancement of many web development technologies, building mobile applications made easier. You can able to develop both web and mobile applications for android and iOS at the same time The below are the best frameworks for building hybrid mobile apps. React Native React […]

Types of Web Hosting Services you should know

Web Hosting types

Web hosting is the service providing space for websites and other web applications to make them online. All the website files and folders are hosted in servers by the service providers. Servers may be data centers that are located on the different geographical locations in the world. Due to this your website will have online presence. There are many web hosting service providers around the world offering different types of web hosting services.

Shared Web Hosting: In shared web hosting, you and the other one share same server. Your website is hosted with other websites on the same server. All websites on the server will server will share same RAM and Memory Hardware and CPU.

How small and large businesses are finding success by using Chatbots and AI

success by using Chatbots and AI
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  • December 28, 2018
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In the past few years, we have seen an increase in Artificial Intelligence Chatbots across websites and social media websites like Facebook, when it started bots for messenger in the year 2016 to voice experiences with smart speakers, such as the Amazon Alexa.

Recently, Google launched Google Assistant, an AI chatbot that extends across the app, smart speakers, smart watches and your computer. Developers are working to create new user experiences and increase the utilization of chatbots in marketing practices.

WordPress v5.0. released, Say hello to WP 5.0

WordPress v5.0.
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  • December 27, 2018
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WordPress is most used Content Management System that powers over 33% of sites on the internet, and over 59.8% of total CMS market share. It is using on internet since 14 years, any update to the system changes many websites on the internet. The WordPress platform allows for efficient, cross-device website development, getting better with every release. There are updates to WordPress core and its plugins and themes every other day, but this update is different as it is a major update.