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that help organizations to effectively utilize its resources


Software products have become ubiquitous across industries. With technologies such as cloud and mobile platform converging and the increasing complexity of software development, organizations need:

  • To adapt quickly to be more competitive in the market, minimizing development time while supporting multiple software platforms, variants, and versions without compromising quality
  • To adopt to advances in cloud computing, software as a service (SaaS), mobility, and social media into their offerings to be on the cutting edge, create right value and experience for customers

At Thoughtwave, we develop the products that can help organizations to effectively utilize its resources to their full potential, cost effective.

We know your challenges and mitigate them with the right mix of programming expertise, communication best practices, proven development methodologies, and management. At Thoughtwave, we adopt the product vision on behalf of your business, your customer, and your users and serve to augment your current software product development capabilities.

Our people provide end-to-end development services from inception to delivery and work to release high quality product and minimize delivery delays. Our skilled professionals build products that maximize value to the end-user and minimize product support costs.



"SWARM",Software for Workforce automation and resource management is a HR management software suite with a comprehensive set of features that can help businesses make the best use of their workforce full potential.

In part, it can help businesses by automating the routine processes that keep them running in a smooth and uninterrupted manner, thus freeing their workforces to focus on other matters while also eliminating the potential for human error.

However, it should also be noted that SWARM can improve communication within businesses, thus enabling better coordination than otherwise possible. Summed up, the features included in the software suite make it not just powerful but also versatile, thus making it well-suited to a wide range of businesses in a wide range of industries.

Our SWARM HR Application is available in Apple and Android Play Stores

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Swarm EConnect

SWARM E-Connect

SWARM E-Connect is an application for event management which any person can sign up and use it to create an event and invite people using email Id's.

User can use this application to keep a track of record of all the events he created and can see who has attended the event when ever he want.

User can also send a reminder to all the invites to remind them about the event when ever he want.

Check out more information about this app on E-Connects Website

Our SWARM E-Connect Application is available in Apple and Android Play Stores



PunchIn is a application which will support organization authorized employees to report "PunchIn" and "PunchOut" date and time details it is notify to authorities from the mobile.

Our PUNCHIN Application is available in Apple and Android Play Stores



SWARMConnect is an application which is used to scan the QRCode which contains the information of Vcard.

Once the QRCode is Scanned and its valid then it will populate the New Contact screen with auto fill data from where the user can save it in the app memory for a specific group, and later if he wants then he can import that contact in to phone contacts (Local Phone Address book).

Our SWARM CONNECT Application is available in Apple and Android Play Stores