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Solutions Offering

Our core focus is on the implementation of following solutions to SMBs and we specialize in implementing these solutions on a fixed pricing model without compromising quality, service or functionality.

  • Web based content management/Collaboration systems. These applications will help companies to maintain their internet / intranet web presence and able to connect to customers / clients / employees and service them effectively.
  • Web based Email Marketing / News Letter Application. These systems help maintain relationships with customers/vendors/clients in a cost effective manner.
  • Web based CRM Application. This application features include Sales force automation,Customer support & service, Marketing automation, Inventory management, Activity management, Security management, Calendaring and E-mail integration.
  • Web based e-Commerce Applications - we implement solutions to cover 360 degrees of commerce applications. We have implemented applications cater to B2B and B2C (Order Creation/Edit/Cancel, Return/Exchange Orders, Fulfillment, POS etc.,) related to commerce.
  • Web based online search application for small to medium size companies. These applications is like a mini google implementations for Small businesses and web based interface to data mine / search local SMB's data. Most ideal client include legal firms, accounting firms and any other companies which have digital data which currently is difficult to find /not searchable.
  • A complete set of vpn solution setup & maintenance for small to medium sized companies based on open source technologies.

A demonstration of the above solutions will be available on request. Please email to CLOAKING for additional information with Subject Line: “Request for Demo”. One of our representatives will contact you and schedule the demonstration.


Review the pdf file with additional details by clicking here.

For more information send email to CLOAKING with subject line: "Web Solution Offerings".